Federal ID #: 262297059

Our organization was formed in an effort to change the luck of rescue dogs forever. Our dogs are brought in from other shelters and rescue groups. We work to restore their health both physically and emotionally. We must tend to their physical health with shots and worming and prevent overpopulation by spaying and neutering. But even more important, we tend to their emotional needs by providing a pack family that will socialize them. The combination of meeting these two needs will make them a suitable family pet.

The Lucky Puppy is located on a 125 acre family farm with five dogs of our own. When new rescue dogs are brought in they are welcomed and cared for in a clean and secure kennel located at "The Lucky Puppy Lodge" .

All days begin with an early morning walk through a combination of woods and pasture and trails. The dogs have ample opportunity for exercise and quite often complete these walks with a splash and swim in the pond. There are lots of chances for quiet naps throughout the day. Usually before doggie dinner is served there is another long walk about the farm to finish off the day. Now, I have to tell you that when I'm walking with the pack and watching them play, I often feel that I, more than they, am the "Lucky" one in this rescue!