Plan for a Successful Adoption

A New Family Member?

It is exciting! It is also a big responsibility and commitment.

As you consider adopting, all members in your home need to be on board with the responsibility of adding a new pet. Adoptions are wonderful, but we want to make sure the situation is right for everyone.

Some sample questions to discuss within your household are listed below.

  • Who will be responsible for feeding, exercising and of course cleaning up after your lucky puppy? 
  • Is there space available in your home to fit the age, breed and activity level of the animal you choose?
  • If there are young children in the home, who will supervise to make sure everyone stays safe?
  • Does your current schedule allow the time needed to properly care for your pet?
  • Is there a financial plan for veterinary care needed to keep the pet healthy?
  • If you have other animals, are they ready to share their home with someone new?