Fosters Save Lives

Our amazing fosters open their homes and hearts, and in the process save two lives! Fosters save the life of the rescue dog in front of them, and open a spot for another lucky dog to be taken into the program.

We have dogs of every size, type, age and activity level. Whether you have a week to give or a month to give, we'd love to have you as part of our foster family!

Yes, you'll get attached. That's the idea, you are helping a dog get ready for home and family life. Yes, a goodbye at adoption can be tough, but when you get that first update from the adopter, what an amazing experience!

Like our adopters, fosters are asked to complete an application, veterinary reference check, landlord permission (if applicable) and home visit (this may occur in person or electronically).

Fosters are amazing, period! Come be amazing with us! The application is below. We'd be lucky to have you!

Please complete the foster application below.

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Do you own or rent your home? *
Please notify your landlord/property manager that someone will be contacting them. This helps to avoid a delay in processing your application.
Landlord/Property Manager Phone
Landlord/Property Manager Phone
This is a required field and must contain text to submit your application. If no others live in your home, please type "none" in the field.
This is a required field and must contain text to submit your application. If you have no other animals, please type "none" in the field.
Are all other animals up to date on vaccines, heartworm prevention and spayed or neutered? *
Do any of your current pets have aggression or dominance issues? *
Please notify your veterinarian office that someone will be contacting them and that you allow the release of information.
Veterinarian Phone
Veterinarian Phone
Have you owned or worked with a rescued animal in the past? *
Do you understand that some rescued animals may come with fears or behaviors that require time and patience? *
Have you ever had to give up a personal pet? *
You agree that foster animals may not be left with anyone who is not part of Lucky Puppy Rescue. If you need to be away unexpedectly, you will notify Lucky Puppy Rescue so that a new foster in our program can be secured. *