Thank you for considering a donation to help in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Michael. We have lost the use of our foster home property due to water and wind damage. All are safe, and we are grateful. Still, we need to immediately construct new housing to keep the dogs from that location safe. We still have no power, but in Lucky Puppy Fashion, we are creatively managing things. Our thoughts are heavy with the long recovery ahead for our entire region. Your support allows us to remain a resource for our community in difficult times.

Magnoia 4.jpg

Foster House Damage

This is our property in Panama City, FL. Structures took on water and wind damage, and the secure fencing that kept our dogs safe is no longer. This property was staffed by volunteers, and largely operated on donations. We are grateful all of the dogs at this location were relocated in front of the storm, and are safe. However, we will not have use of this location for the foreseeable future. Our biggest need is for monetary donations to construct new housing for the displaced animals, so we may continue to serve our community. Thank you.

Generator 2.jpg

Generator Power

Never let it be said we aren’t creative at The Lucky Puppy Rescue. The reality is, there is no power, which means no running water. Our Lucky Puppy Bus is seeing us through. The on board generator is currently powering our well pump so we have clean, fresh water for our dogs.