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Foster Application

Type of Home
Do you rent or own?
Are all other animals up to date on vaccines, heartworm prevention and spayed or neutered?
Do you understand that some rescued animals may come with fears or behaviors that require time and patience?
Have you owned or worked with a rescued animal in the past?
Have you ever had to give up a personal pet?

Thanks for submitting!

As a volunteer foster for The Lucky Puppy Rescue (LPR), I understand and agree to the following: 


I agree that foster animals may not be left with anyone who is not part of LPR. If I need to be away unexpectedly, I will notify LPR so a new foster within the program may be secured. 


I am not an employee, contractor or agent of LPR. I am part of LPR’s volunteer foster network and agree to abide by all conditions and regulations. 


I understand that LPR will not provide pay or any other benefit to which an employee may be entitled. I will be fostering an animal which has been rescued from a shelter, animal control or other risky circumstances, and its full history is unknown. 


I assume the risk for any issues relating to temperament, disease, aggressive or unpredictable behavior, and other unexpected issues. I will notify LPR immediately should an issue arise with the animal in my care. 


For the purposes of fostering rescue dogs for LPR, I release and hold harmless LPR, its officers, directors and volunteers, from all liability and claims of personal injury, illness, property damage and expenses which may be incurred or arise from my activities as a volunteer. 

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