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Understanding Adoption Fees

The adoption of our animals allows us to place a pet into a loving home, but also creates the opportunity to serve another animal in need.

When you adopt a lucky puppy, your pet has been in our care receiving what they need to become your new best friend. This includes resources like medical care, training, nutrition, housing and transportation. Of course, that's why we're here.


We love getting our dogs healthy! When we recover some of our costs through the adoption fee, the animal that has just arrived at Lucky Puppy Rescue can begin their journey on the road to health too!

We have two locations. One in Upstate New York and one in Florida. Lucky Puppy Rescue is licensed for adoptions through New York State (NYLic#1054) at our Great Beginnings Adoption Center in Argyle. Our Northern adoption fees are higher due to the extra expenses of travel. This includes transportation, a required interstate veterinary visit and interstate paperwork that must accompany each animal.


Our adoption fees for both Florida (Southern Region) and New York (Northern Region) adoptions are below.

Tractor in Field

Adoption Fees

New York

Puppies up to 12 Months

$525 minimum donation

(dogs too young to be fixed will have an extra $200 deposit, refundable pending your spay/neuter agreement)

1 Year to 6 Years

$450 minimum donation


7+ Years/Special Needs

$350 minimum donation

Certain adoptions include an additional $50 "Spay it Forward" program. This adoption fee assists with funding our spay/neuter service for momma dogs.



Puppies Up to 12 Months

$350 minimum donation


1 year and up

$300 minimum donation


Some of our adoptions are part of our "Spay it Forward" program. This adoption fee is $50 higher than traditional adoptions, and assists with funding our spay/neuter services to reduce further pet overpopulation.

lucky pups that found their forever home

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