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Welcome to lucky Puppy Rescue

Lucky Puppy Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that specializes in the rehabilitation and rehoming of rescue dogs. We work tirelessly to improve the lives of these animals, and are committed to finding them all loving homes. Our team provides veterinary care, behavioral training, and socialization so that each dog is ready for a forever home when they leave our facility. With your help, we can change the luck of rescue dogs everywhere!


We are located on a 125 acre family farm that is also home to our own dogs. Each new dog is welcomed and cared for in clean, and secure kennel areas before being introduced to the others in our care.


Days begin with an early morning walk through a combination of woods and pasture trails. The dogs have the opportunity to exercise, and often complete their walk with a splash and swim in our pond. Usually before dinner is served, there is another long walk about the farm to finish the day.


We believe that each dog deserves plenty of love, attention, and exercise, which is why we make sure every dog gets plenty of time outdoors each day. Our goal is to find loving homes for all of our dogs, and we believe that by providing them with a healthy environment and plenty of exercise, we are giving them the best chance at finding their forever home.

How it works

In 2008 co-founders Teri and Becky started Lucky Puppy Rescue and have since saved thousands of neglected, abandoned, and abused dogs in the Florida panhandle. At the 125 acre farm in Bonifay, Florida, they are fed, vetted, cleaned, socialized, fixed, and cared for until they are ready for adoption.

Adoptable pups make the 24 hour bus trip to New York where they will seek their forever families. It is a 2,600 mile round trip, and costs roughly $2,700 each trip. The transport is done 2-3 time per month.

At our Great Beginnings Adoption Center in Argyle, NY the pups run, play, learn and grow. We gather and accept applications to find matches for their forever families. Since opening in 2019, we have placed approximately 2000 dogs in safe, loving homes.

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