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Before you adopt

Plan for a successful adoption.

A New Family Member? It is exciting! It is also a big responsibility and commitment.

As you consider adopting, all members in your home need to be on board with the responsibility of adding a new pet. Adoptions are wonderful, but we want to make sure the situation is right for everyone.


Here are some questions to discuss with the household before adopting...

Who will be responsible for feeding, exercising and of course cleaning up after your lucky puppy? 

Is there space available in your home to fit the age, breed and activity level of the animal you choose?

If there are young children in the home, who will supervise to make sure everyone stays safe?

Does your current schedule allow the time needed to properly care for your pet?

Is there a financial plan for veterinary care needed to keep the pet healthy?

If you have other animals, are they ready to share their home with someone new?

Ready to adopt?

What wonderful news! Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our lucky puppies!

The first step to an adoption is completing an application. The process also includes a veterinary reference check, landlord permission (if applicable) and an electronic home visit/ pictures of your home to check safety for a dog.

Our interest is to find the best match for one of our pups and their person. We look forward to working with you!

* You must be over 21 in order to adopt. You must own your own home or have landlord permission to have a dog; we require your landlord’s contact information. Thank you. 


Happy dogs that found their forever home

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