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Volunteer Handbook

Please read through the LPR Volunteer Handbook before your first day. When you are ready, fill out our volunteer release waiver and pick a day! We are so grateful and can't wait to work along side you.


Lucky Puppy Dog Rescue Kennel Inc was founded as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2008. The main rescue, located in Bonifay, FL, also known as "The Farm," is a 125-acre family farm where Founder, Terri Mattson, also known as Momma T., spends countless hours caring for pups of all shapes and sizes, and in all conditions. Taking in the approximately 1000 dogs annually, Momma T. and her team ensure that each pup is properly vetted, spayed or neutered, and that pregnant mothers and their puppies are given appropriate nutrition and medical care before they are responsibly adopted into the right home. This would not be possible without the high quality care provided by countless foster families and volunteers!

Adoption Process

To begin the adoption process, prospective families can complete an Adoption Application. Before the Application is approved, a veterinary reference check, landlord permission (if applicable), and a home check will be completed (home visits may be done virtually). Upon approval of the application, families can schedule a meet and greet for dogs they are interested in by contacting the adoption center directly.

How to Help

There are several ways to get involved. Well trained, hands-on volunteers are invaluable. Volunteers can inquire by filling out a Volunteer Waiver Release and then calling the Great Beginnings Adoption Center at (518)638-7290, or emailing  


Upon arriving to the adoption center, please enter the office and/or check in with a staff member. Please sign the volunteer binder.

Other ways to help include

Donate Supplies

Shop our Amazon Puppy Wish List to have items delivered directly.



Click here to make a direct donation to Lucky Puppy Fund Account to help us continue to rescue dogs in need.

Give A Gift

Click here to purchase a K9 Power Gift Card that can be used to purchase dog supplies, food and necessities.

Become a


Show the community you care by supporting a puppy, transport or kennel. Multiple corporate sponsor opportunities available.

Rules and regulations

Volunteering at Lucky Puppy is a rewarding experience for adults and kids alike! For the safety of our volunteers, staff, and pups, please use the list of rules and regulations below:

  • Please review the volunteer guide prior to volunteering.

  • Complete, sign and submit the Volunteer Release Waiver.

  • Children under 16 must always be supervised.

  • Sign in and track your hours int he volunteer binder every visit - found on the desk in the office.

  • If you bring new volunteers or children with you, please help review the procedures with them, have them sign in and help familiarize them with our rules and facility. Thank you.

  • Always leash up dogs and puppies and place the handle of the leash around your wrist.

  • Dogs and puppies may be walked outside of fenced areas by persons 16 years of age of older.

  • Children who are under 16 who wish to walk dogs and puppies must do so within a fenced area, under adult supervision.

  • Do not enter the adult dog kennels. The kennels are the dogs' safe space and they may be territorial of them.

  • Please leash all dogs and puppies when moving them.

  • When removing an adult dog from their kennel, please have the dog sit before attaching the leash.

  • Volunteers can enter puppy kennels to cuddle, engage in appropriate play (gentle play, no jumping, removal of bullied dogs from the bully to avoid rewarding bad behavior), comfort the puppies, and work on skills and safety.

  • Please remove plush toys from the dog and puppy kennels and play areas before exiting.These toys pose an impaction hazard if eaten by the pups.

  • Playing with a puppy or walking a dog? Please clean up their poop and report if it's unusual. There are multiple buckets and scoopers around the property as well as dog poop bags by the office door.

  • Read kennel cards.

  • Watch the dogs' and puppies' body language. If a dog or puppy is showing signs of discomfort, territorial behavior, or reactivity, listen to the message of the dog is trying to give you! Dogs, much like people are individuals! Some may not like being pet, others might react poorly to other dogs, some guard resources. It is okay to bypass a dog or puppy if they exhibit a behavior you are not comfortable with right away and alert a staff member of the behavior.


We are always here to answer questions.

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